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Rhonda PallasDowney ~ Founder and Facilitator

RhondaPallasDowney’s integration of flower essences, herbalism, and homeopathy, coupled with her under-standing of the whole plant, the chakra system, the doctrine of signatures, plant communication, and sensory perception, along with the psychology of plants, makes her a pioneer in the realm of plant medicine. 

Rhonda is a flower essence practitioner, herbalist, and photographer of flowers, specializing indigenous flora. Rhonda is also the author ofVoices of Flowers, a creative guidebook with flower cards to help the reader connect with and understand the inner wisdom of the plant kingdom. The flower cards and book are powerful tools for accessing the ancient method of card reading, and helping us to deepen our relationship with the Plant Kingdom. 

She is a graduate and former tutor with the British Institute of Homeopathy (BIH) with a diploma in Homeopathic Medicine (DiHom)  from the British Institute of Homoeopathy and is a member of the National Center of Homeopathy. She also has a 500 hour certification in herbalism.

Rhonda is known by others as a “Flower Goddess” and as a Plant Shaman.  She believes and teaches that plants offer such deep wisdom and they are the True Shamans.  

Rhonda’s study and research is based on years of experience, her deep relationship with the plant kingdom, and her insight into whole plant life and the human energy system through awareness of the senses.

Rhonda has B.S. and M.A. degrees in Special Education and vast experience in counseling, program development, and coordinating services for people who have developmental disabilities and their families. 

She is a Reiki practitioner, and has practiced various healing arts over the past thirty-five years, including neuro-linguistic programming, yoga, Tai Chi, polarity, massage, applied kinesiology, Touch for Health acupressure, and Soul Recovery.  

Rhonda has also co-facilitated many Women’s Retreats as well as taught numerous Flower Essence and  Plant Energetics Programs over the years, Horse and Plant Medicine Workshops, and Healing Retreats. She is a teacher and presenter at herb and botanical conferences in the USA, and has written a variety of articles which have appeared in various national and botanical publications.

She is the Author of the Healing Power of Flowers, Voices of Flowers, and video: A Journey Into Plants and Flowers selected by the 2014 Sedona International Film Festival.

Rhonda is the Founder and proprietor of the Center for Plant Studies & Healing Arts and she is also the Founder of Living Flower Essences.

She lives with her husband Curt, in Cottonwood, A

Curt PallasDowney ~ Life Coach / Consultant

In Partnership with my husband Curt PallasDowney and Sedona Earth Wisdom, we offer individual, couple and family indoor and outdoor sessions.

Curt is a special and gifted teacher, spiritual guide, and healer. At the core of Curt’s offering, participants experience a tangible awareness of themselves as “Something Greater”. Through the teachings and practical application of Mindfulness and the Medicine Wheel, Curt offers a new paradigm in which to navigate and create your life from. 

Some benefits of Curt’s offerings include: falling in love with yourself and your life, being happy, trusting and believing in yourself, living with less fear and stress and so much more.  Life outcomes become more manageable and less of a coin toss.

Curt has been offering his wisdom and guidance for over 25 years. His private work is offered through Sedona Earth Wisdom, and includes:

professional and vocational guidance, shamanic wisdom, medicine wheel teachings, spiritual guidance, and dream guidance.

He is a minister and facilitates a variety of ceremonies includes, soul renewal, weddings, house blessings, seasonal ceremonies, baby blessings, and more.

Curt also offers Shamanic apprenticeship programs.

Email: sedonaearthwisdom@gmail.com

Website: www.sedonaearthwisdom.

"Life is not measured by what we believe. Life is measured by how hard we practice what we believe."

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