Phone Consultations

My passion is helping others gain awareness and healing through the energetics of plant communication and the deep wisdom plants offer.

If you are interested in a consultation for personal healing that may include topics such as grief and loss, forgiveness, your relationship to your physical-emotional-mental-spiritiual wellness including  chakra balancing, 

addictions, trauma, clearing old thoughts and belief systems, and more

please email me at to schedule an appointment.  You will receive your own personalized flower essence formula.  I also offer soul renewals and long distance healing.

1 1/2 hour $125.00.  

In Person Consultations

If you are interested in a direct consultation/healing session, please email me to schedule an appointment.  Consultations are 1 ½ hour long.  Includes your own personalized flower essence formula.

1 1/2 hour $125.00


Plant and Nature Journeys

Personalized Plant and Land Journeys

Experience the Deep Conncection Nature Offers You!

Awaken the opportunity to heighten your senses and connect with the energetics of plants in nature.  Feel into this connection as you integrate with the wisdom of plants and the insights they share with you.

Your experience may include though not limited to, making a flower essence, plant identification in association with the doctrine of signatures, medicinal uses of plants, and finding your plant teacher, and a shamanic plant journey, soul renewal, and other transformational work.

Rhonda facilitates your journey with the nature and plant kingdoms, allowing your experience to evolve into your own personal and transformational awareness and growth.

Ranges in price from $350 (half day to $800 (full day) per individual, discounts for couples/friends  and small groups

Workshops, Retreats, Conf

We are available for bringing any of our workshops, programs, or requested topics to an organized retreat.  If interested, contact us.


Rhonda offers several workshops throughout the year.  If you’d like to be put on our mailing list, please email

Workshop: Integration of Heart and Mind;  Chakra Balancing, Flower Essences and Plant Energetics

This day workshop is uniquely designed to offer a hands on approach to the integration of bringing a spectrum of color to to your personal or professional practice by using chakra balancing techniques and meditations, visualizations, heart, mind, body integration, flower essences, and plant energetics.

This workshop features an in depth awareness of the heart as an organ and as a preceptor; emphasizes the energetics of plants which feature where plants grow and what they look, and includes how to use plant energetics in the form of flower essences that can be used topically, in bath water, or misting.

Offers the student an understanding of plant qualities, doctrine of signatures, relationships with plants, and how plants can help us heal.

Workshop: Empower Your Intent for the New Year with Plant Wisdom

This day workshop is uniquely designed to offer opportunities to empower your own personal intent for the New Year with the support of journeying with plants and connecting with them.

This workshop offers a hands on approach to connect with plants and flower essences, their doctrine of signatures along with their many uses, their energetic imprint with the human body and its chakra system.

In this workshop, the participant will learn and experience how to bring practical application, inner reflection, and personal plant journeys from the wisdom and use of plants, and integrate these plant teachings into their life.  By doing so, participants learn to empower their personal intent, thus supporting others in empowering themselves.

Horse and Plant Wisdom Medicine offer several topic workshops: Sourcing Our Intuitive Power In This Time of Change ~ Using the Wisdom of the Herd and Plant Energetics to Activate the Heart ~ Accessing the Present

Join us at the Buffalo Woman Ranch in Dove Creek, CO

for a workshop or personal healing retreat of profound and

deep healing. You will meet and experience a magical herd where we work together with the horses in hands on sessions (no

riding), integrating individual and group interactions along with therapeutic healing qualities each horse and the herd gives us. Journey with the flowers and horses as our teachers and guides, integrating plant medicine and flower essences for personal connection.

Robbie Nelson Co-Facilitator : 
Occupational Therapist, Epona Approved Instructor, Energy Kinesiology Practitioner, Co-founder of the Buffalo Woman Ranch. She has studied homeopathy and herbs as well as Chinese and Tibetan energy medicine; her deep connection with the earth fuels her passion for plant medicine. Robbie is eclectic in her spirituality and integrates ceremony, celtic shamanism and plant medicine in her lifework. 

She honors “The Way of The Horse” as a grounded and heart centered path towards the evolution of human consciousness. It is her life’s joy to share the path of horse medicine along with teachings with her partner Cody in life at the Buffalo Woman Ranch in Dove Creek Colorado.

Retreats and Testimonials

Retreat in nature and take time for you... Our retreats take place in natural settings, and offer  meals and lodging.  We offer you an opportunity to connect with Nature in Nature, and deepen your relationship with plant vibrational medicine.  


“It has been a pleasure to take this course.  It offers an incredible opportunity for people to open up to their own personal journeys, and it provides a profound experience to connect with the plant kingdom and the chakras in this way.  Rhonda and this course are such a gift!”  - Julie Smelser, Massage Therapist Northern California

"For one who wishes to have direct hands on experience with a master in the field of flower essences, do not miss the opportunity to participate in the invaluable Flower Essence Program with Rhonda Pallas Downey... This is a wealth of experience beyond measure! Rhonda is a true medicine woman of knowledge, wisdom and compassion.  This is a course taught with a multidimensional approach of the practical and spiritual.

I highly recommend this course for anyone who wishes to have direct access to the wisdom of nature and their own healing."

- Mariko Yamamoto  Digestive Wellness Center, Sedona AZ

“Rhonda, you are a great teacher.  I loved how you entwined your personal stories with the lessons.  This is so much more than a flower essence class. It’s been an incredible experience” – Sandra, Mental Health Practitioner AZ

“Incredible healing opportunity on all levels” DD, Practitioner AZ

“Rhonda, you exude a passion for plants, flowers, and flower essences that can be experienced through reading your books and even better by getting to  know you on  a deeper level.  Keep sharing your work with the world. Earth mother knows we all need it!” – Becca, Physical Therpist, INTEGRA Facilitator, Sedona AZ

“It is a transformative experience.  I am so grateful to deepen my connection with the plant world. Thank you! -Lisa, RN Ohio

“I find the process works! I enjoy the intimacy of small groups and am always awed at the wonderful gifts I receive.” Judy, Sound Therapist Flagstaff AZ



Rhonda teaches at various herb conferences and schools that have included:

The Southwest Botanical Conference in Tempe, AZ

Medicines from the Earth in Asheville, NC

New England Women’s Herb Conference in New Hampshire

Seven Centers Yoga in Sedona, AZ

The Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe, AZ

Sedona Wellness in Clarkdale, AZ

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