Experiential Program

Flower Essences, Plant Energetics and Chakra Healing  Experiential Hands On Certification Program: 

A Journey of Initiation and Renewal

2019 DATES: 

April 25, 26, 27, & 28  Part One

November 7, 8, 9, & 10 Part Two


75-Hour Flower Essence & Plant Energetics Experiential Program—65 Board Certified CEUs for Massage Therapists NCBTMB with Sedona Wellness

  • Join us in natural surroundings in our beautiful Verde Valleynear Sedona, AZ to discover the profound healing energetics of plants and flowers as herbal medicine, flower essences, and homeopathy.
  • This program provides a safe and sacred space of unlimited possibilities to explore and celebrate the nature of your true essence and to deepen your connection with self and all of life.
  • Apply plant wisdom with direct experiences, journeying with the integration of the human energy system (chakras).
  • Experience the doctrine of signatures of plants and how plants communicate and relate to you, integrate whole plant medicine into your life, deepen your insight for choices you make on your life path, develop self confidence, and be guided by your inner voice. You will also learn plant identification, herbal, homeopathic, andflower essence uses.
  • Deepen your connection and personal healing as we offer individual energetic healing sessions and consultations with each participant. We offer a very intimate process of deep trust and transformation.
  • Rhonda’s approach includes the study of the chakras, the endocrine system, and your relationship with self and others throughbecoming more aware of the depths of healing that plants offer us.
  • Meditations, guided journeys, sensory connections, and deepening our relationship with our hearts, body, mind, and spirit create a beautiful and expansive awareness of our own energy field of Oneness.
  • Learn how to make mother essences, prepare stock bottles, and how to give consulations.

Correspondence Program

Flower Essences, Plant Energetics and Chakra Healing Correspondence  Certification Program: 

A Journey of Initiation and Renewal

125 Hour Program

  • Treat yourself to a personal journey of deepening your relationship in the ways you heal and find balance in your life.
  • Discover your passion as you learn more about yourself through the human energy system, your awareness of each of seven energy centers associated with the human endocrine system and the healing power of plants and flowers.
  • Includes manual, text, and complete set of 48/.5oz of the Center for Plant Studies & Healing Arts flower essences

200 Hour Experiential & Correspondence Programs

This Comprehensive 200 Hour Plant Energetics, Flower Essences, and Chakra Healing Correspondence and Experiential Programs is uniquely designed to offer the student an integration of Home Study Correspondence and a hands on Experiential Program in Nature.

  • This 200 Hour Program offers a discount for both programs, paid in full. Includes two manuals, texts, classroom supplies and a set of 48/.5oz of the Center for Plant Studies & Healing Arts flower essences.
  • Learn how plant and flower medicine can help heal the energy centers of the body, bringing your awareness to a deeper sense of self and stepping into a higher consciousness in the ways you Choose to Actualize your Authentic Self and your Life as a Whole Person! 
  • Pacing yourself in your own way, we invite you to enter a deeper world within yourself and your awareness of the universe around you.

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